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        Along with our country's environmental problems are more and more serious, the state vigorously promote the depth of reform, efforts to transform the economic structure; environmental governance will also promoted to hitherto unknown height, and as a pillar industry of the iron and steel industry, but also high pollution and high energy consumption of the typical representative of the industry, once the environmental policy landing in the iron and steel industry, and then, the composition of China's iron and steel production, steel structure, steel prices will face more challenges and opportunities.
        The rapid growth of China's iron and steel industry, the last century in 50s and 60s by indigenous ironmaking, jumped to now the world's largest steel producing countries and steel consumption in china. In the process of rapid development, China's iron and steel industry was once the "rich machine" that everyone yearned for. However, in recent years, China's economic growth slowed in the background, steel demand growth decline, steel overcapacity contradiction; and the high cost of imported ore erosion, into a profit or even losses stage.

        At the same time, along with the upgrading of the national economy, the improvement of living standards, awareness of the environmental pollution has become more and more deeply; this year, the state has increased control of iron and steel, cement, glass and other high polluting industries; the resulting reduce pollution, reduce energy consumption, the development of healthy green economy in the country. As a "two high" full range of iron and steel industry, but also need to help the tide of environmental protection, in-depth adjustment of the structure and enhance the level of technology, which not only opportunities, but also challenges.
        The environmental pollution is very easy, but it takes ten times to control the price; for iron and steel enterprises; the current in profit or loss of status, money is very nervous, want the environmental governance tongtongkuaikuai took a huge amount of money to engage in unproductive difficulty as can be imagined. In this case, it is unrealistic to expect companies to digest their own environmental pressures alone. This requires the state, banks, the entire industry chain coordinated processing.
        The above is a brief introduction of the first class agent of Jinan Iron and steel company. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you have all kinds of requirements of our products, please feel free to contact us, we will meet your needs with first-class service.

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